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Dr.Miguel A. Pleitez

Chair of Biological Imaging, School of Medicine, Technical University of Munich

+49 89 3187 3852

Assistant Professor of Translational Optoacoustic at the Technical University of Munich

Miguel A. Pleitez received his Ph.D. from the Institute of Biophysics at Goethe University (Frankfurt am Main) where he created sensors for non-invasive glucose monitoring in human skin by mid-IR photoacoustic spectroscopy contributing to the foundation of DiaMonTech AG. Next, he moved to the Optical Imaging Laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis where he contributed to the development of UV-based photoacoustic microscopy for intraoperative margin analysis and mid-IR photoacoustic microscopy. In 2016, he joined the Chair for Biological Imaging of TU-München and the Institute of Biological and Medical Imaging of Helmholtz Zentrum München—developing Mid-infraRed Optoacoustic Microscopy (MiROM) for label-free live-cell metabolic monitoring. In 2021 he was appointed Professor for Translational Optoacoustics at TU-München. The label-free biomolecular sensing technologies he and his team are developing hold great promise for live-cell metabolic microscopy, fast analytical histology, and non-invasive monitoring of metabolites.

Dr.Miguel A. Pleitez
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