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Human Study 

Meal Associated Metabolic Responses

Brown adipose tissue has the unique property of releasing chemical energy directly as heat. Activation of brown adipose tissue can occur in different ways, either through acute exposure to cold or the ingestion of a meal. The latter is thought to be a component of the long-described postprandial thermogenesis, a response of the body in which resting energy expenditure (REE) increases. Studies have shown that a single meal is sufficient to activate brown adipose tissue thermogenesis to the same extent as cold exposure. Based on these findings, we would like to investigate the postprandial increase in secretin levels, and brown adipose tissue activation.

In this human study, we want to understand meal-associated metabolic responses related to weight loss in brown adipose tissue (BAT) and skeletal muscle (SKM). Our first goal is to test different meal types for their potency to induce the post-prandial secretin surge and meal-associated thermogenesis in BAT and SKM. If you are interested in our study, we are glad to invite you as our participants to have a deeper personal insight into iMAGO. Your kind support to our research will be appreciated with 150 to 200 Euro.

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