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Installation and putting in operation of the new MSOT unit

June 2022

Optoacoustic imaging of composition and metabolic processes in human brown adipose tissue and skeletal muscle is a core asset essential for our research unit. The MSOT device will  improve the optoacoustic imaging of metabolism by increasing the penetration depth and sensitivity of MSOT. The MSOT unit will be used in pilot human studies of P2 and P5). It provides a fast, label-free, safe and versatile imaging modality for the static and dynamic assessment of metabolic processes in humans. In the selected target tissues, MSOT will enable real-time imaging of local changes in
composition, oxidative metabolism, vascularization, and lipid transport. Research in RU5298 will apply this optoacoustic imaging modality to monitor metabolic processes at baseline, and in response to acute metabolic challenges, such as cold exposure, test meals, and exercise. We
expect to see large inter-individual variability in these responses, and impaired metabolicflexibility in people with obesity.

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