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Project 1

A novel toolkit for motion-robust multi-parametric quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging of human adipose tissue

Despite the severe global health and socioeconomic effects of obesity, the identification of people at risk of developing obesity-related metabolic complications can be problematic using currently available biomarkers. In addition, lifestyle interventions may not be equally effective in preventing the metabolic complications of obesity in all people. Adipose tissue has become an increasingly important target both in research and in clinical medicine of metabolic dysfunction. White adipose tissue dysfunction plays a central role in the incidence of metabolic complications in obesity and brown adipose tissue has been considered as the target organ for the improvement of cardiometabolic health in persons with obesity.



Dimitrios Karampinos



Mingming Wu


PhD_website_picture_Johannes raspe.jpg

Johannes Raspe

PhD candidate

Philipp Braun_edited.jpg

Philipp Braun

PhD candidate

daniela junker.jpg

Daniela Junker

Team Assistant


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