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Prof. Dr. med. Susanna Hofmann

Division for Lipidology and Metabolic Disease, Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik IV, Department of Medicine, Med. Klinik Innenstadt Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich

+ 49 89 3187 2112

Professor for Lipidology and Metabolic Disease at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich

Prof. Hofmann studied human medicine at the University of Padova, Italy and the Free University of Berlin, Germany. After completing her M.D. and doctoral thesis, she continued her academic career as a postdoctoral fellow in the United States of America. In 2009, she was assigned assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati, USA. Two years later, she became division head at the Helmholtz Institute for Diabetes and Regeneration in Germany and was appointed professor of Lipidology and Metabolic Disease in 2014.

Prof. Hofmann is vice chair of the German Society for Gender Medicine (DGesGM)

Prof. Dr. med. Susanna Hofmann
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